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My content is on borrowed time.

Posted by HadenCreate - December 18th, 2017


**A solution has been found!.. maybe. Feel free to read if you're curious about this post.**

So I’ve been animating with an extremely outdated software for years now. It’s nearly dead, and to make matters worst, the computer that I use for has nearly croaked as well. New computer can’t handle old software. So the obvious solution is to use a new program, right? Nope. You see, I was recommended ToonBoom’s Harmony and some other horse shit with an even forgettable name. One of them requires the “creative cloud” which is a concept FAR from my level of trust, but my main problem I have is a feature that both of these programs share. Monthly payments. Um, no. I don’t have a job and I don’t make any revenue from my content. Here’s a slick idea; why not pay a few hundred dollars for a physical copy of an animation software?! When did that stop being an option?! Hell, paying $600 for a damn disk is cheaper than monthly payments in the long run. I’ve looked and I’ve looked for Adobe Flash CS4 or something to that effect and it has disappeared from planet Earth. Why? Why do I have to deal with the bullshit of treating animation like it’s Netflix now? I swear, I can only find books and tutorials about the software that I’m looking for, I can’t find the real thing... so, can’t find what I’m looking for, can’t do monthly payments, and I certainly can’t pirate anything, I wouldn’t know the first step to something like that... I guess I’m screwed? Unless any of you have any suggestions.

**Again, a possible solution has been found. Rant over... kind of**

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It does feel like Adobe is making a real effort to keep people from finding legit copies of older Flash software. Have you searched on Ebay?

Right? As for your question, I did earlier and it was no help. However, I was just informed (assuming this info can be trusted) that Toon Boom Harmony has a one time payment option. I’ll be looking into it. Thank you for replying. Extra thanks for keeping Dream-Shot Ghosts on the front page for as long as you did. Really helped me out a lot.

toon boom harmony has both a subscription payment option AND a one time payment option, the price is 265$, really expensive, but it saves you money if you are going to use the software for more than 2 years

I'll look into it. I certainly hope you're right. Thank you.

If you havent looked into it yet, here is a link


take a look on that page, where it says ''Choose the Harmony edition that meets your needs'', below you have 2 subscription options, for annually and monthly, and one buy option, where it says ''perpetual license'', then you have 3 buy options, from 265$ > 685$ > 1385$

good luck with all that stuff man, would hate to hear you stopped animating

You have been very helpful, thank you SO much. And believe me, I would flat out become depressed if I stopped animating. It's my jam. My life. MY BLEEDING BEATING HEART. MY SOUL. I'm done now.

Ah, cool! As for Dream-Shot, what are some of the benefits you noticed while it was on the front page? Did you get offers for commissions and paid work while it was up there, or just grow more of a social following, or something else?

Just the social following, but that's enough to make me happy.

I could get you access to some older flash versions. No worries, Adobe released the 'keys' for them.


For now, no, as it seems I've overlooked an alternate option for ToonBoom. I might just be able to pay once. Thank you, though.

Always good to have a backup plan. Let us know if you need any more help. Good luck in your projects!

Is OpenToonz the other horse shit with an even forgettable name. Downloaded it for free.

No, it was something by Adobe.

Use virtual machine/emulation to run older software if that's an option.