My review (kinda) of the new Death Note movie

2017-08-26 05:30:33 by HadenCreate

So the Netflix adaptation of Death Note just came out and I thought it was okay. I couldn't give an in depth analysis without heading into spoiler territory so my thoughts are a bit brief. If you'd like to hear them, click is on this shit, bro! I may make a spoiler filled review later if enough people want it, but I can't promise it'll be as funny.


2017-07-16 15:18:37 by HadenCreate

Oh, A.I. is finally finished! I've wanting to make this episode for about 3 years. The VAs are great as usual and I went a different direction with this one. At least, for a Stick Fidijig episode. I mostly focused on Dialogue and camera work. As usual I experimented with the animation bit, and tried to make it as not shitty as I could. Not should if I succeeded, hopefully you all enjoy it.


2017-03-15 18:58:16 by HadenCreate

So the newest episode of Stick Fidijig is now up. It's annoying to me that it took over a year to finally get around to making a new episode. This year, I will primarly be focusing on Stick Fidijig. In the mean time, go back, watch it from the beggining and try to figure what's going on wiith the story (Yes, there's a plot). Thank you.

Bubbles and shaft.

2016-12-05 22:45:24 by HadenCreate

Do you ever have that moment of hearing something that you swear you've heard before right before getting hit by a kangaroo with a giant horizontal belly pussy?!... What?... What do you mean they're pouches?... Pouches for what?!... You are full of shit and you smell like jizz!

Shapeshifter sighting??!

2016-10-27 13:57:32 by HadenCreate

Good day, faggots! So my Ice Dream Sandwhich cartoon got #1 on P-bots list the other day! That was awesome, thank you all very much. However... I'm afraid there was a large mistake in it. Luckily, I caught it the day before I posted the damn thing and made plans for dealing with said mistake ahead of time. You can see what I'm reffering to right here! Enjoy!

19 Minutes of 2015

2016-01-03 19:09:05 by HadenCreate

For those of you who want to waste 20 minutes of your time listening to me be a dumbass... Here you go!